Current Challenges
Printers, Laptops, and Batteries for the solar panels are missing as well as the electrical wiring of different classrooms
Together we can create change!
The Lupila Secondary School has an official annual budget of about 13 € per pupil. Hence, even the cost of the most urgent repairs cannot be covered.
A strong partnership
Together, the church community, the Blankenese High School and the Tanzania team have successfully implemented many projects in the region in recent years.

What is Lupila Learns?

Lupila Learns is a non-profit organization with the goal of improving the learning conditions of nearly 350 students at Lupila Secondary School in Tanzania.
We firmly believe that every child, regardless of background, should have basic access to education. Let's tackle the acute challenges on site together! Together with the school management of Lupila Secondary School, we have defined the three most acute projects and developed a first cost estimate.

Our goal: 12400

Donations so far:


Current Projects


Currently, there is a great need for a powerful printer for assignment sheets and classwork. In addition, both the appropriate cables and ink cartridges are needed. The purchase price is approximately 2.300€ *.


In the medium term, new batteries must be stored the electric power generated by the solar panels adequately. Currently, four truck batteries are used for this purpose. The purchase of 7 additional batteries is planned. The cost for this is approximately 5.470€ *.


Our largest project is the wiring of a total of 37 rooms in the school. Due to the insufficient lighting in the classrooms and dormitories, many children are currently experiencing eye problems. The cost of this project is at least 8.400€ *.

* The amounts shown are based on the cost estimates available to us, as well as an exchange rate of 1 € = 2685 TSH

The Comunity Lupila

Lupila Secondary School

The Lupila Secondary School

The Lupila Secondary School is located in a rural region in southwestern Tanzania. 

A total of 150 boys and 190 girls currently attend the school.

Some of them also live in the school's accommodation, as some families live very far away in the countryside. Their education is partly financed by state subsidies, but most of the costs are borne by the parents.

Unfortunately, the school's financial resources are significantly too low to tackle the challenges ahead in full and with the necessary speed.

At least to tackle the challenges ahead in full and with the necessary speed. 

What we believe

Education is a unique means of sustainably improving children's prospects. It is about much more than learning to read and write: education empowers people to discover their potential and shape a self-determined life. Moreover, it benefits not only the students themselves, but also future generations, the local community, and even the development of the entire country.

Together, we are committed to ensuring that the more than 400 children from Lupila have better access to education in the long term and can thus shape their own future.

"Let us then take up the fight against illiteracy, poverty and terror, taking our books and pens in hand. They are our most effective weapons. One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education is at the beginning of everything."



"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world"

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

2014-2016: Construction Project

Goal: Construction of an Assembly Hall and Cafeteria

2014: Eye testing

Goal: Determine visual acuities and make glasses for students and teachers if needed.

2010: Planting project

Goal: Plant 10,000 trees to safeguard the region's spring water.

2007: Solar panels

Goal: Install 2 solar panels on the school roof as a sustainable alternative to the generator.

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About Lupila Learns


Lupila Learns builds on the personal connections described above. We are in close contact with Gymnasium Blankenese, but we are a completely independent non-profit association. We will try to use synergies and cooperations as good as possible.

Our relation to the Gymnasium Blankenese

The association consists of alumni of the Gymnasium Blankenese and the current head of the Lupila AG (a teacher from Gymnasium Blankenese).

Are we replacing the Lupila AG?

No, definitely not!

We want to primarily take care of fundraising and the organization of larger projects. Here we will gladly support the Lupila AG and the pedagogical exchange. 

The Team


We are friends from Hamburg who are grateful for the opportunities we have been given through our education. Currently, we are working and studying in Munich, Amsterdam & Hamburg. We started this project because we are convinced that the partnership with Lupila is very valuable and worth supporting. 


To emphasize the closeness to Lupila AG, as well as to build on the existing relationship of trust, Christoph Schütze, the current head of Lupila AG, is also a member of our association.